Platform Technology

Validation of CXCR4 heteromer

Co-internalization of CXCR4-GFP and GPCRx heteromers

upon treatment with GPCRx agonist alone


[A] CXCR4 and GPCRx do not physically interact with each other. GPCRx agonist induces internalization of GPCRx, but not CXCR4-GFP.


[B] CXCR4 and GPCRx physically interact and form heteromer. GPCRx agonist induces internalization of CXCR4-GFP and GPCRx heteromers.




  • U-2 OS cells were co-transduced with adenoviruses encoding CXCR4-GFP and GPCRx-VC, and examined to form CXCR4/GPCRx heteromers and co-internalized by GPCRx agonist.


  • Co-internalization of CXCR4-GFP upon stimulation of GPCRx with its corresponding agonist is shown.