GPC-100 + Propranolol


We are developing a combination therapy with GPC-100 and Propranolol for mobilization of stem cells in Multiple Myeloma patients.
GPC-100 is our lead small molecule asset that has demonstrated clinical efficacy in inhibition of CXCR4-mediated signaling.
Propranolol is a safe and effective FDA-approved ADRB2 inhibitor that has been widely prescribed to treat high blood pressure since the 1960s.
We aim to give more cancer patients hope for a cure by enhancing the efficacy of the current Standard of Care and improving patient quality of life with our GPC-100 & Propranolol combination therapy.

Furthermore, we are expanding the therapeutic potential of the GPC-100 and Propranolol combination to indications for chemosensitizers and immuno-oncology drugs.